Plumbing Renovation & Remodeling

At Champion plumbing 70% of what we do is Renovations and new construction.  The contractors we normally work with know us well and are able to book the appropriate amount of time with us.  If you're looking for contractor we have a decent sized list for you.  If you're a contractor looking for a plumber to complete some work for you feel free to book an estimate or use the contractor booking link.  We'd be happy to review your plans and leave you with a copy of our contractor price sheet to help you estimate your jobs while using our services.  For renovations we're happy to pull all necessary permits Plumbing, Gas, Cross connection, Hydronic heating.  For more information feel free to email us at

Video Call service. 

Ever feel like you can complete a plumbing task on your own but maybe need some general instruction or guidance?

Book a Video Call Today on our Booking site. We can help walk you through your Plumbing Task, Plan a project, walk you through a plumbing inspection or answer plumbing related questions. 

Service & maintenance

Major brands we service and maintain

Delta - Moen - Kholer - Tamas - Navien - Bradford & White - Rheem - Bravado Essentials - Vesta & many more.  

Typically we service what we install.  If you have some plumbing or equipment that needs some maintenance please see our booking system for more information or email us at 

Kitchen Remodel 

Do you have dreams of creating the perfect cooking space in your home? Changing up your appliances, or adding new ones, can definitely add to the experience, but when it comes to plumbing and gas lines, you'll want to enlist the help of a professional. Even something as straightforward as swapping out your oven or fridge can involve rearranging gas piping and other intricate elements of the kitchen plumbing system. For any new water-related additions, like a dishwasher or sink, it's a must to acquire the skills of a certified kitchen plumber like Champion Plumbing. 

You might be itching to get started on that kitchen makeover, whether you just bought a new house or it's time for some upgrades. Planning out the design is half the fun, but when the reality of the finished project comes up, you'll want to consult a qualified plumber. With their expertise, you can make sure your remodel is a success.

Bathroom Renovation

Are you seeking a luxurious and functional bathroom for your property? Champion Plumbing’s team of expert plumbers can help you achieve the elegance and comfort you envision. With years of experience in bathroom renovations in Calgary, our technicians can provide excellent services that will make your bathroom a place of beauty. From fixtures to structural work, we will work with you to make sure the project is completed according to your preferences and specifications. From initial assessment to designing, plumbing to remodeling, we have the skills and expertise to make sure all work is completed to perfection. Entrust the plumbing portion of your bathroom renovation project to our capable team, and watch your space transform into a place of splendor 

New Construction

Constructing a personalized residence or carrying out a home restoration/renovation is one of the most momentous projects to ever be undertaken. Every detail of your abode must be designed and crafted to the highest standard to guarantee not only the beauty of your home, but the safety and contentment of your family as well. In many cases, the most critical elements of a home are not visible. With a good design, all of your systems will perform as intended and protect from possible malfunctions or other unfortunate occurrences. Champion Plumbing has the experience setting up advanced plumbing and heating systems for custom homes and extensions. We exclusively collaborate with tried and true contractors to guarantee that the plumbing system for your edifice is both aesthetically pleasing and out of sight. 

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