About Champion Plumbing

I sometimes get asked about why I named the company "champion" They ask "what are you a champion of". Well in my younger years. I was the provincial Junior criterium champion of Alberta. I also was a member of team Alberta from 1996-2000 and have raced bicycles on and off from 1996 to 2017. I may race again however I now have a young family to raise along with my lovely wife. If you're a customer of ours you'll likely receive seasonal cards with updates etc. We treat every customer like their a friend of the family.

Why is champion plumbing a by appointment only company?

The quick answer is I run multiple other businesses. Plumbing for me is a skill which I do enjoy but it's hardly my passion. By the time I'm ready to retire I hope that one of my passion projects nets me enough income to retire comfortably. If you're curious there is a list below of my passion projects.

  • Highwood Coffee ™ - We love coffee, We always have a quality Dark and medium roast at hand and regularly rotate new roasts from light, medium and dark throughout the year. Our niche is a lower carbon more ecofriendly way of sourcing coffee, roasting coffee and delivering coffee. All at a fair price. Check out our website for more information or email us at sales@highwoodcoffee.ca

  • Bravado Essentials ® - For Every Home ® New website coming soon. We regularly have contractors asking us for quality faucets at a great price. So we manufacture our own. We spec and select each part so when we go to install our own product we're not only happy with the look but happy with the ease of installation and ease of maintenance down the line. We've personally had a black BE faucet in our home since 2018 and have had zero issues with it aside from some use patina on the handle. It also shows that we use brass handles rather than ABS plastic & zinc ones like the likes of Moen, delta and other popular brands. If you would like a copy of our catalogue please email james@championplumbing.ca

  • Start Strategies business consulting - Free content available on Youtube. Everything I've learned running Champion Plumbing I used to start Highwood Coffee. Now I've documented some of the process and offer coaching to people starting up their own businesses. I help point clients to the right direction while starting their own companies.

  • 15Sixteen ™ Cyclery - Titanium Gravel touring frames. Hand built to withstand a lifetime on all surfaces. 15Sixteen is truly a passion project as I've spent hundreds of hours going through specifications, materials, geometry and building techniques. Then found a manufacturer that is able to produce exactly the quality of frame I wanted (selfish I know!) So rather than enjoy my Ti ride all to my self I decided to share it with the rest of the world. If you like a relaxed but punchy gravel ride then 15Sixteen might be for you! At this very moment we have two frames available 54cm and 56cm. Includes Ti frame, Full carbon fork, Headset and bottom bracket for Introductory pricing $3500 CAD. Website should be up by Febuary 2023