We are starting a FAQ page to answer any of your questions. 

Q. Where are you located?

A. We're located in NW Calgary near the university. 

Q. Fixture and equipment sales. For home owners and Contractors. 

A. Champion plumbing has a retail business license with the city of Calgary.  We Sell many products online on Amazon, through this site etc.  If you need fixtures we typically use EMCO ensuite.  We can introduce you to our contact.  View the ensuite  in person or via the contact person.  Once you have selected your fixtures the contact will send me the retail quote.  I will then send you my discounted quote back.  If you are happy or simply want to pick and choose the items we can make changes and then submit it to you again.  Once you're happy we send you an invoice and once paid we order the product for you.  Some of the items may be in stock and some maybe ordered from the factory.  The Emco contact will give you a time line at the time of selection.  Once the fixtures arrive I will Deliver them by hand or post them using insured Canada post.   We do not allow home owners or contractors to use our account at anytime.  All fixtures are paid for in full before delivered. 

Q. How can i pay for my fixtures

A. We currently offer Squareup invoicing and in person transactions using square.  We can take all major credit cards as well as Debit.   

Q. What is your business license number. 

A. We're happy to provide a copy to any customer.

Q. What is your License description?

A. Retail Dealer, Plumbing, Gas Fitting, Hydronic, Cross connection Contractor. No additional licenses required.  *Meaning the above items I'm qualified to do. 

Q. How can I book your services?

A. Go to https://championplumbing.ca  then click the book now button.  Choose the service that most closely resembles what you need.  I can change it after I contact you to find out what exactly the task is.   Choose from,  Estimate, Video Call,  Full day contracting, Install faucet etc. 

Champion Plumbing's step by step tutorial and Faq section